We prepare and progress your legal team for what comes next. We keep you a step ahead.

The role of the legal department has never been more crucial to an organisation’s success.

They are business advisors as well as lawyers. They anticipate future needs. Keeping their organisations ahead of new challenges. They identify and deliver new commercial opportunities.

Moving from risk and cost managers to value creators is how the best legal departments ensure they are ready for what comes next. But sometimes they can be too busy delivering for today, to anticipate the problems of tomorrow.

Using over 20 years of experience in legal operations, we help legal departments transform to become value creators.

We map and optimise processes, create playbooks and templates. Evaluate, configure and implement intelligent technology. Develop a data strategy. Produce a plan for change and support you to achieve it.

We're curious. We listen. We challenge convention. We help you keep a step ahead, so you're not left behind.

How it works: our 3 step process

1. What does good look like?

How can you plan your journey, without knowing where you are going? We use our next generation operating model to identify what good looks like.

2. How are you doing?

We analyse how you currently operate. We make sense of the data from our analysis. We show you what you’re doing well and where further change is possible.

3. What do you do next?

We make specific and prioritised recommendations for change that are realistic and achievable. We recommend specific systems and tools and undertake development work, where required. We can also provide the information to support a business case for change.

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