Make light work of your projects. Solving your complex document changes efficiently.

Whether you’re doing a full review of all existing documents, updating your contracts in response to a change in regulation or getting ready for a major business event, we have you covered.

Using a winning combination of expert document review teams, streamlined processes and leading edge technology, we can review your contracts and report quickly and efficiently.

We work side-by-side with your teams to ensure you receive the data and insights you need. Our legal experts can help with updating contracts for relevant legislation or provide strategic advice when you need it.

Document reviews done better.

How it works

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Key benefits


Structure and certainty

  • Robust planning to identify requirements, risks and KPIs
  • Stakeholder management throughout
  • Governance and clarity over roles and responsibilities

Visibility and agility

  • Extensive supervision and quality control structures
  • Status dashboards with key performance indicators
  • Trend analysis for continuous improvement
Better outcomes

Quality and improvement

  • Predictable costs and results
  • Backed by law firm assurance
  • Focus on outcomes and legal expertise

Meet the team

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