On International Women’s Day 2023, TLT has introduced free menopause testing for all women, alongside enhancing support with new initiatives designed to help colleagues going through menopause, as part of the firm’s progressive and inclusive working approach and its ambitions of reaching 33% female partnership by 2025.

The enhanced approach provides colleagues in the menopause or experiencing symptoms to access to a new menopause assessment and diagnosis service. Launched in partnership with leading health provider Bupa, the service will be available from 1 May and allows colleagues to book an appointment with a specialist doctor and receive a treatment plan tailored to their needs.

As part of the approach, the firm has also introduced a menopause toolkit for line managers to enable discussion and educate about menopause including understanding any changes in working conditions colleagues may need as a result of their assessment and diagnosis.

The revamped approach recognises that menopause is a natural stage of any woman’s career, coupled with the firm’s ground-breaking approach to flexibility “TLT World”, means colleagues can be in control of how and when they work, whilst sensitively managing any of the challenges the menopause may bring.

TLT is also introducing additional sources of support, including a menopause champion network available to colleagues' providing guidance on conversations with line managers and required workplace adjustments, and providing and encouraging the use of Peppy – a digital menopause support service.

Commenting on TLT’s menopause policy Business In The Community’s (BITC) gender equality directory Katy Neep said: [LN1]BITC welcomes all employers taking an inclusive and supportive approach to menopause. It’s a unique experience that can have significant and lasting impact on employee wellbeing. By creating a comprehensive package of care to enable people in menopause transition to be at their best is good, inclusive practice that will help retain talent within your organisation.”

Helen Hodgkinson, chief people officer at TLT said: “Developing our approach to meet the needs of our employees going through the menopause forms a huge part of our commitment to creating a people first culture. Menopause will touch all our employees at some point, whether that’s through a family member, friend, colleague, or personal lived experience. It’s important that we educate about the potential challenges menopause presents and empower our people to have conversations and exercise control around creating the most inclusive environment for them.

“The enhancements to our policy will go hand-in-hand with other progressive initiatives we have introduced in the last twelve months, including a fully flexible approach to working (TLT World) and an improved family-friendly benefits package.

“We hope the new initiatives will help our people diagnose the menopause, get the medical help they may need and provide the support and guidance needed during this period to perform at their best."

In 2022, the firm announced it had reached 31% female partnership at TLT – an important milestone bringing the firm closer to achieving its 33% female partnership target by 2025. The same year, TLT formalised its commitment to supporting employees by signing the Menopause at Work Pledge and launched a menopause toolkit – a guide to supporting employees through the menopause and managing legal risks.

Date published

08 March 2023



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