ESG is a business imperative, but what is its role in shaping our next generation cities?

We have already seen a growing trend for green buildings and associated green infrastructure as businesses look to decarbonise their footprint. Green finance is shaping investment strategies, and technology is increasingly being used to drive sustainable practices. Changing working practices are another factor in the evolution of our towns and cities, leading businesses to consider their office footprint. In addition, a growing demand for sustainable living practices is shaping the residential sector and driving concepts such as co-living, BTR, high-end student accommodation and modern city based later-living - all based around the concept of a green 15-minute city. Repurposing of redundant retail & leisure spaces is helping to meet the increased demand for city living, and construction methods and materials are becoming more innovative to meet both sustainability and housing targets.

In this series we look at some of the key market drivers and consider some of the legal issues which our clients will need to navigate to create, and operate in, next generation cities.


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