‘CDR in 10’ is a video series aimed at giving you practical advice that’s easy to understand on current topics in commercial dispute resolution. Each episode lasts for around 10 minutes and looks at three practical questions you might be considering.

We hope this helps you understand and prepare for any risks in your business. If you’d like to discuss the issues further, please get in touch. 

Managing disputes in an economic downturn – 15 December 2022 

With the UK heading into recession, this episode of CDR in 10 gives some practical advice on how to manage disputes in an economic downturn, including what businesses can do now to prevent a dispute from occurring and the types of claims we expect to see more of in the coming months.

Chris Owen and Alice Mete also discuss:

  • The importance of familiarising yourself with contract terms & KPIs
  • Common issues in long-term supply contracts including auto-renewal
  • How to start a conversation about varying your agreement
  • The pros and cons of dispute resolution clauses
  • Why vigilance is essential & what to look out for

This episode was recorded on 23 November 2022. 

Managing disputes in an economic downturn

Warranty claims - 19 October 2022 

Warranty claims arise when the buyer of a business takes over the running and finds that everything wasn’t as expected, and we expect to see more of these in the coming months.

In this episode, Ken Ross and Ed Fiddick discuss:

  • Common issues and examples
  • What to do if you think you’ve got a claim
  • The approach of the courts
  • The complex question of valuation, including the importance of keeping good records

Warranty claims

Data breaches - 3 August 2022

In this episode, Tori Mills asks Kate Ward about the growing number of data breach claims and how businesses can make it easier – or harder – on themselves when deciding how to respond. They discuss: 

• Why the courts are like the “Wild West” and pre-cursors to litigation 

• The need to interrogate complaints despite customer service teams’ goodwill gestures

• Practical advice for dealing with claims head on to minimise risk 

• Practical considerations regarding small claims versus the High Court 

• Defending a claim versus settlement 


Data breaches

Shareholder disputes - 14 June 2022

Here, Chris Owen asks Craig Thompson about the recent increase in shareholder disputes, some of which are even going to trial and judgment. They discuss: 

  • What types of disputes are we seeing? 
  • Practical thoughts on avoiding litigation 
  • How to achieve the optimal negotiated settlement 
  • Other ‘red flags’ and future predictions 

Shareholder disputes

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