We combine consulting and legal to create better outcomes for your business, keeping you a step ahead.  

Data is now recognised as one of the world’s most valuable commodities. Ensuring the ethical and compliant protection of data to achieve successful business outcomes is essential for all organisations.  

Add to that the challenge of keeping up with privacy and data protection frameworks, regulatory change, data strategy and organisational design. Plus ensuring your data policies, procedures and training are up to date and fit for purpose.

Using years of experience in data privacy consulting and data privacy legal advice, we help you meet your data responsibilities. Keeping you a step ahead to maximise your data’s value and health, for better business outcomes.

We think strategically for our clients providing regulatory gap analysis and task prioritisation. We create and develop data strategy, data organisational design and operating models.

We advise on and use digitally enabled solutions, to help you meet your data privacy requirements and exploit opportunities to monetise data both ethically and lawfully. Providing key insights to future regulatory change.

By combining the consulting experience of certified privacy managers with legal expertise, we can help you create enduring value.

Data privacy consulting + legal = better outcomes for your business.

How it works

Key benefits


Deliver on strategy

  • Develop clear data strategy

  • Provide organisational design and operating models

  • Deep data knowledge across highly regulated sectors

  • Perform all aspects of a data function


Easy access to legal advice as and when you need it

  • Supported by our legal colleagues, we can provide legal advice and resource if and when required

  • Consultancy and legal services provided as one

Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

  • Reduce time spent in-house on data issues

  • Manage the data programme effectively

  • Improve structure, processes and governance

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