From new regulations to data privacy implications, commercial risk, governance, and leveraging opportunities to improve customer processes and e-commerce revenue, our experts can help you prepare.

At TLT, we believe that humans and AI work better together, and thanks to our large client base and diverse AI capabilities, we are now partnering with organisations to help them strategise for the future. 

Whether that’s by considering how AI fits into your digitisation and transformation plans or by supporting your organisation with changing commercial and regulatory frameworks, we can advise you on how to plan, implement, and manage AI – both generative and ‘traditional’.

To help you navigate the latest regulations and risks, our team of experts can customise your client policies, guidance, privacy notices, and risk assessment tools so you can confidently plan AI into your business model.

Through our expert guidance, we can also help you develop governance frameworks around buying and implementing AI, providing the guard rails your organisation needs as you balance the opportunities with the ethical and financial risks.

With the support of our FutureLaw legal tech team, we are also working with clients to customise and deploy AI-driven legal tech.

AI glossary of terms - a guide to the terms you need to know and understand when discussing AI. 

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