From the regulatory outlook to data privacy implications, commercial risk and governance, and leveraging the opportunities it presents, our experts will keep you up to date with the latest thinking and practical legal advice on advances in AI.

As lawyers and business partners we help you prepare your organisation for what comes next. Whether that’s by considering how AI fits into your digitisation and transformation agenda or understanding the commercial implications and the jurisdictional and sector regulatory outlook, we can advise you on how to plan, implement and manage AI – both generative and ‘traditional’.

Speculation about generative AI continues to dominate the news in many sectors and identifying the most sensible steps to take now is a priority. The reality for most organisations though is that the adoption of AI and generative AI in particular, is very much in its infancy.

Our experience is broad and varied. We work with a range of clients from regulators and policy makers to tech vendors and in-house legal teams across a number of different sectors. So whether you’re still learning the language, concepts and use cases, looking at how AI can fit into your organisation or are further along as more sophisticated users of AI, our team can support at every stage.

We can help you develop governance frameworks around buying and implementing AI, providing the guard rails your organisation needs as you balance the opportunities with the risks.

We’ve been working with AI for several years ourselves, developing solutions such as TLT LegalSifter, our intelligent contract review tool, and using an array of other AI-powered legaltech platforms.

Keep up to date with our latest thinking here and get in touch if you have an AI-related legal issue you’d like to discuss.


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