Drawing on our 25 years’ experience of working within the sector, we are acting on next generation decarbonisation projects such as the UK's first commercial geothermal power project, innovative projects which aim to facilitate net zero grid connections, and new technologies which will play an active role in grid balancing such as synchronous condensers.

We provide support across the project lifecycle to start-ups, established developers, investors and funders. We advise on the full range of issues from real estate and planning to construction, operation and maintenance, corporate, innovative funding arrangements and regulatory. We also provide specialist advice in relation to grid arrangements from connection offer documents and service agreements to Network Entry Agreement matters, and related regulatory responsibilities.

We are also advising on cutting edge conservation projects where we provide a wide range of advice including commercial agreements to support rewilding projects, agreements relating to the provision of biodiversity net gain units and the delivery of peatland restoration projects, and debt funding arrangements for forestry projects.


  • Thrive Renewables PLC on its investment in United Downs Geothermal Limited (‘UDGL’) in connection with the construction and development of the UK’s first ever commercial geothermal power project. Thrive is investing in UDGL together with Geothermal Engineering Limited (the incumbent developer) and CX Geothermal Limited, a private equity fund manager specialising in international energy projects. The Project has also received funding from the European Regional Development Fund and Cornwall County Council.
  • Gridmode Ltd on the launch of a new grid connections business, Gridmode Ltd, to facilitate net zero connections across the UK. Gridmode will use its unique platform to free up sites that were previously incapable of securing a grid connection. Gridmode expects to have 3GW of ‘uncurtailed connections’ available for onshore wind and solar PV projects and at least another 8 GW of connections that will be added at a later date.
  • Fischer Farms on a new, £25m farm in Norfolk which it claims will be the “world’s biggest” vertical farming facility. The Fischer Farms’ site will use pioneering technology to farm more productively and will be supplied by 100% renewable energy to ensure it delivers more responsible and sustainable food production.


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