Our clients are changing the way all of us use financial services, harnessing the power of technology to provide new products and services.

We help clients to achieve that change by managing the full range of legal issues, from protecting intellectual property, to raising capital and meeting regulatory requirements.

We have over 20 years' experience working in the financial services and technology sectors (including in-house) which provides us with great insight into the opportunities and risks. It also means we understand the range of issues users and companies face when implementing financial technology, as well as the practical and security issues of using it now and in the future.

We act for suppliers and buyers of technology in the UK, including major banks, financial institutions and payment service providers. We help these clients to leverage their buying power with a range of  suppliers, particularly when developing new frameworks and technology solutions.

The team also supports businesses on setting up the right corporate structure for their commercial aspirations, how to buy, sell or collaborate with other businesses and raise early stage capital. We help navigate financial services and data protection regulations and secure appropriate premises.

Through our work with business large and small, we understand that every business is on a journey, needing different levels of support depending on the size of the business and the stage of its development. We’re flexible enough to support you, wherever you are, and regardless of the complexity of the issues you will encounter.


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