We’re a leading adviser to the global future energy sector. Immersed in the sector as it's grown, we’ve built an unrivalled track record delivering what our clients need so that they can lead the journey to net zero and a more sustainable future.

Working with established and first-of-a-kind technologies, we're involved in the ground-breaking projects and deals that move the industry forwards. We have the experience, network and sector voice to connect interested parties, create commercial opportunities and get deals done.

Our network spans the funders, investors, technologists and developers; the enlightened energy companies and the innovators who are creating change. We work hard alongside them to inform the regulatory landscape, drive developments forward and secure essential funding and investment.

If you work with us, we’ll make sure that you’re connected to fresh ideas and the people and issues that matter to you and your business. Whether that’s designing multi-technology projects, developing electric vehicle charging networks, or scoping technology innovations such as green hydrogen, our approach ensures what you need is delivered effectively, to the highest quality and with the right commercial result.

Because sustainability is core to our business, we will care for your project as if it were our own; working with you to inspire positive environmental outcomes and drive sustainable actions in all that we do.




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