We're dedicated to the business of banking

Viewed as a 'go to' firm for banks in the UK, we work with all the UK's clearing banks, the largest global commercial and retail banks, private banks, new market entrants and digital-only banks, as well as a broad range of foreign banks with operations in the UK.

Working with some of the latest entrants to banking gives us a unique overview of current market trends and practices.

Our lawyers understand the financial and reputational risks in the banking industry and identify and manage these for our clients. We're regularly at the forefront of advising clients on high-profile, ground-breaking and reputationally-sensitive issues that often attract parliamentary and media attention.

We are one of few firms able to offer legal services across the three UK legal jurisdictions of England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, providing skilled lawyers, many of whom have come from in-house legal teams. This means we're able to provide expert legal advice with a close eye on the practical and commercial issues.


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